It must gall an egotist like Donald Trump that, though he is richer and whiter that his predecessor with the African African father, the white American mother and the African name, is still more popular than he is. Trump and his army of handkerchief heads huffed and puffed, but ultimately failed to blow apart the healthcare plan for America that Barack Obama built.

How embarrassing for a man who fancies himself to the John Wayne of politics, to be foiled by Barack Obama, whose presidency Trump sought to de-legitimize.

Trump has had his bluff called by the president of Mexico who has said emphatically that his country isn’t going to pay to build any damned wall. And given Trump’s love affair with the Russian dictator Putin, some Americans have wondered aloud whether Trump’s great wall is intended to keep Mexicans out or to keep Americans in.

Trump’s bluff has also been called by the judges who determined that his thinly veiled Muslim immigration bans don’t pass constitutional muster. And now members of the President’s own party, the so-called “Freedom Caucus, called the President’s bluff on a proposed bill to repeal Obama care. Fearing certain defeat, the bill was withdrawn before being put for a full vote by the House of Representatives.

The President strikes me as a 70-year old going on 13. He has adolescent outbursts, and when it comes to details, seems to have the attention span of a gnat. He speaks and sounds, not hooked on phonics, but hooked on telling bigassed lies. Could be that Trump pecks out bizarre tweets in the middle of the night and early in the morning because he’s he’s being chased around the White House by the ghost of Barack Obama.

Oh how he despises Barack Obama.

Less than 100 days into Trump presidency and the state of U.S. politics is a hot-damned mess. The drip, drip, drip of Russia-gate and the nonsense propagated by Trump surrogates that there are “alternative facts” is sowing confusion chaos throughout the land. The editors of Time magazine asked on a recent cover “Is Truth Dead?”

In less than 100 days, Trump’s presidency has ripped the scabs off old sores related to race, class and religion. The Trump presidency challenges the notion that America is exceptional among all the nations of the world. You may not agree, and I could be wrong, but I’m Just Saying

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