I’M JUST SAYING. . .The Wolf in the White House and His Unholy Pack

Having Donald Trump as a leader is akin to being raised by a wolf. Tweeting is Trump’s howls to his pack, the true believers who picnic in a rain storm because the Wolf man, dry and comfortable inside his gilded mansion, insists that the sun is shining.

Trump is the Alpha male of the wolf pack, and his woman,, whomever she happens to be at the time, and however well-dressed and coifed she is, is his Alpha partner. She is not innocent, fragile or worthy of our pity. She chooses to be there and to breed more of their kind. Their subordinates aspire to be leaders the pack themselves, but they are consigned to be led. They are consigned to deny truth. Ignorance is their flag.  They exult and exert the power of the Wolf man by attacking the “intruders,” the blacks, the browns, the gays, the Muslims, for example, who presumably are keeping them from fashioning a world of bright orange hair and fire in the likeliness of their Alpha leader. The members of the pack do not read, do not study and pervert their own best self-interests in order to serve their master.
“Howling,” my encyclopedia also says, ”helps the pack stay in contact and also seems to strengthen social bonds among the pack members.” That’s why Donald Trump holds rallies at which he huffs, puffs, howls and tosses out chunks of red meat lies and ignorance dressed up as facts. That’s what the Alpha wolf does to hold on to his power over the pack.
Besides howling, the Alpha wolf marks his territory with urine and feces. In other words, he pisses and shits on “intruders” but in some few instances allows a few to join the pack. It’s a form of amusement for the Alpha wolf, but the ones who’ve been allowed inside his pack swear that they’ve arrived. Grateful, they become collaborators. They believe that they’ve been accepted into the pack because they are more special than most of their own kind. So happy are they to be allowed to run with the pack that they’ll say anything and do anything not be sent back into the wilderness. They bless and praise the Alpha wolf for his great wisdom no matter how ignorant and cruel he is. No matter how much he plays the dozens on their Mamas and Grandmothers, they bow down and say, “Thank you massa.” They show up on TV and write books, editorials and commentaries that justify and dignify the Wolf man’s most vicious and undignified acts and tweets.
Sadly, the mainstream media participates in the charade by hiring sycophants of the Alpha wolf supposedly to prove that they are “fair and balanced.” Willingly or not, they lend legitimacy to illegitimate ideas and in their duplicity, the mainstream media inflicts yet more damage upon on those already bleeding from the Alpha wolf’s bites.
There is no reason to be “fair and balanced” on matters of white supremacy and racism. There is no other side, no upside, to these nasty and vile notions. They are twin evils. Neo-Nazis are not “fine people.” They have no redeeming qualities. They are simply members of the wolf pack responding to the howls (the tweets) of their leader.
My prayer is that the Wolf man, his woman and members of his pack will either be redeemed by truth and righteousness or go straight to hell. I’m just saying.

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