I’m Back

Can hardly believe it’s been almost six years since I disappeared from the pages of The Courier-Journal. Some of you have said that you miss my “voice.” Well be it known that I have missed you and my precious platform as a columnist and member of The CJ’s editorial board. But my involuntary separation from the job that I loved, and the job that brought me to Louisville in the first place, turned out to be exquisite timing. Away from the grind, I had freedom to travel and to thoroughly enjoy David Rivera, my childhood sweetheart from back home in East Harlem. Away from deadlines, I was able to be a full time caregiver for David as he journeyed to his death in 2015.

Now, I’m back in a different format, a blog.

I owe this new incarnation of my public self to Louisville businessman Audwin Helton. Audwin not only encouraged me to write again but found a team to revive and refresh my dormant Website and to try educating an old school journalist in the ways how social media can help me to potentially reach an audience possibly larger than my previous platform in “old media.” It is hard to teach an old dog new tricks, but I’m doing my best.

Meanwhile, for old times sake, I will start out blogging on Thursdays. My CJ columns used to run on Thursdays. My topics will be ones that always interested me – race, politics, faith, family, culture (books, movies, plays and music) and education. I haven’t come up with a catchy name for my blog just yet, but I expect one will emerge after I’m at it for while. If you have topics you’d like me to comment on, or comments about my comments, hit me up on my Website bettybaye.com.